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GCFScape is a platform that lets you browse and extracts the contents of Half-life packages. You can go through several GCF files using this tool so as to gain content storage for games. This program is mainly utilized by Steam. Among the files supported by GCFScape are .wad, .gcf., .vpk, .ncf,.bsp, and also .xzp packages. Using this software also lets you extract sounds from games as well as model mods.

GCFScape allows the user to work on a browser-like interface that will enable him to view the contents of each packages. Its columns are configurable for ease of use and the packages menu are of recent versions. Before extracting any content, the program performs a validation task. It can also locate certain content using its search capability. Then it automatically extracts the files and folders from any given package. The extracted files can also be previewed even before the task is completed. The folders and packages are also defragmented after the extraction.

GCFSCape also has the utility to add or overwrite a file whenever necessary. In this case, the user has to create subdirectories for management of data

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