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"TablEdit Tablature Editor - TEFview the FREE TablEdit File Viewer"

TEFView is a open-source software which allows the user to view TablEdit files without the same expenses. This software allows the user to download songs from any website that offer them in the TablEdit format. These downloaded songs may then be unzipped, opened with the TEFview and played.

Songs opened with the TEFview software are able to be played in any speed and the way the omposer wants the audience to. Through this software, sections of a song or the entire song even can be looped so that the user can get optimal results in the practice time. Whole tablature of songs may also be printed and kept to be handy and shared easily

Since the TEFview is a free software, it is allowed to be copied, distributed and shared with other users without the restriction of licenses. This software also provides additional information regarding update releases to keep the software up to date. The TEFview is also compatible with many operating systems which include the Mac OS X, Linux, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP and Windows 2000. Manuals for this software are available in PDF and HTML format.

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