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"IBM SPSS Statistics"

SPSS Production Facility is an application that is integrated into the SPSS Statistics suite. The application has the primary function of allowing the user to write and execute syntax commands in batch files. This feature enables the user to go on with other computer activities while the program is running in the background, performing various statistical data analysis commands, as scripted by the user.

The application can be accessed from the Start menu, under Statistics, SPSS, and then SPSS Production Mode Facility. Be default, the application opens its main window in new job mode (SPSSJob1). On the job window, the user is provided with several fields: Creator/owner, Syntax Files, Comments, and Folder for Output. The user may also choose to generate a report after the batch functions have completed via the “Print output on completion of job” option.

If syntax error occurs, the user may also choose any of the following options: continue processing after errors or stop processing after an error. On the Syntax Files field, the user may browse for a syntax file and then click the “Add” button to add the file.

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