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"Aurora 3D Interactive Presentation | 3D Animation Software | 3D Text Logo Maker | QR code Generator"

Aurora 3D Text & Logo Maker is a multi-media software that helps even the technically inexperienced user to create impressive 3D graphics and logos and text which can be compared to the highest qualities. This software has hundreds of built-in templates and eye-catching effects like deformation and reflection to choose from to be able to create design projects in no time.

This software has the Internal Animation Style feature where objects can have multiple types of animation including swing, beat, and wave, rotate and fade. Its 3D graphic templates and quick styles feature allows the user to create templates and adjust an object’s appearance a lot quicker. This software’s 3D manipulator lets the user to extrude texts and shapes by dragging the button to the right-bottom of an object. Control its position and scale it at X, Y and Z planes.

The Aurora 3D Text & Logo Maker also as features for bevel effects where these can be changed for both texts and shapes. The user is also allowed to import own images and modify them to be added to the designs using files in JPG, BMP, GIF, PNG, TGA and Tiff formats.

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