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"IconPackager - Custom Windows Icon Themes"

IconPackager for Object Desktop is software designed for Windows-based computers. The software program provides hundreds of desktop icons that the client can use to replace their Windows icons. What makes the program unique is that it can instantly change all icons of a particular window, by selecting a specific icon package.

For example, if the user wishes to change all the application icons on their My Computer window, the user need only to select an icon package provided by the software, i.e. LocalFlavor Vista, and all the current Windows icons will be immediately replaced by those from the LocalFlavor Vista icon package.

The user may first view all the icons provided in a particular package before enabling the system to use these to replace the existing Windows icons. For Windows Vista computers, an additional feature is included that allows for the adjustment of the size of the icons, from a smaller size to a larger size.

Users can also change the color of the icons, a feature that is provided for all Windows versions the software is compatible with. A trial version is available with limited features.

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