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"SQL Server 2014 | Microsoft"

Developed by Microsoft Corporation, the SSMSE or the SQL Server Management Studio Express is a user-friendly graphical management application used to access, administer, manage, configure, and develop the entire components contained by Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Express Edition and SQL Server 2005 Express Edition with advanced Services. The SSMSE comprises wide group of graphical tools and numerous well-to-do script editors, which grant access to SQL Server to both administrator and developer. The SQL Server Management Studio Express can also deal with the different occurrences of the SQL Server Database Engine developed by any SQL Server edition.

A Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio Express is a free integrated environment that works with every part of SQL Server’s components including Integration Services and Reporting Services. The Object Explorer is the fundamental characteristic of SSMSE, which permits the user to surf, select, and execute any of the objects inside the server. Moreover, the SSMSE unites the attributes of the Analysis Manager, Enterprise Manager, and Query Analyzer, included in preceding releases of SQL Server into a distinct manager.

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