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"Introduction - Bulk Rename Utility"

Developed and produced by the company TGRMN Software, the Bulk Rename Utility is a platform mainly used for file renaming, hence the name. It is Windows-compatible software that allows users to change file names and folders based on flexible criteria. Pertinent information such as names, time, dates, texts, and numbers can also be added easily.

File renaming can also be done in various manners such as through removal file extensions, case conversions, and insertion of texts. Renaming of files can also be done individually or by batch of up to 1000 individual files.

Bulk Rename Utility also provides users with a detailed preview of the file before any renaming is done. Using the Meta data EXIF, digital files such as photos can also be renamed. Dates when a photo was taken, the resolution it has, and other pertinent information embedded in JPG files can all be used in renaming files. With the aid of ID3 tags, audio files such as MP3 files can also be renamed. Time stamps can also be modified upon creation of new file name.

Bulk Rename Utility runs on Windows-based systems including Windows Vista, XP, 2000, NT, Me, 98, 7, and 8.

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