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"PerkinElmer Informatics ChemDraw and ChemOffice 15.0"

ChemDraw is software from CambridgeSoft that provides the user with various applications for the graphical rendering of chemical structures. The software is categorized as a molecule editor that enables users, generally scientists, to create 2D renditions of chemical structures.

The software is part of the ChemOffice software suite from CambridgeSoft, which also includes Chem3D and ChemFinder. Through the software, users can simulate nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy, otherwise known as NMR spectroscopy; simulate mass spectrometry or MS, and convert chemical structure to chemical name, and vice-versa.

ChemDraw also includes numerous templates for chemical journals, which can be customized; as well as exporting of files to SVG or PDF. The software provides support for bitmap images, scalable vector graphics, ChemDoodle documents, MDL Connection Table formats, and a range of other chemical formats.

The User Interface has several shortcut keys, supports drag and drop system, provides drawing guides, provides chemical style sheets, and has Advanced System Clipboard functionality. The software is compatible with Windows and Mac OS X machines. A free trial version is available which can be used for up to 14 days only.

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