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"Corel & Lexar Special Partner Offer"

InterVideo’s MediaOne software was intended to be a media suite offering basic image/video editing functionalities, DVD-burning features, and media sorting capabilities. It had media cataloguing functions in its package that allowed users to search for files based on attributes like date and name and also included support for file tagging for advanced search. Besides that, it had features that helped users export images as galleries on the Internet and also allowed media playback for a variety of formats for images, video, and audio.

The software was discontinued in its original form, however, when InterVideo was purchased by Corel. Corel then released a new form of MediaOne that was primarily based on its SnapFire application. This reincarnation of the software was still a media management and editing program, but now focused solely on image files (specifically, photos). The program was released in a Standard (Free) edition as well as a Plus (Paid) edition. The Free edition was available to Lexar customers as a downloadable utility, allowing simple image editing. The Plus version had the same features but expanded them with advanced editing functions like blemish removal, paint-on-image abilities, and collage/booklet/calendar creation.

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