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Native Instruments Reaktor 5 is software for building and designing instruments. Generally utilized by musicians and sound designers, the software functions as a modular music studio; where modules with line connectors, make up the visual representation of the patches and signal flows.

The Reaktor Library contains more than 70 effects and instruments, which the user can utilize for sound development and manipulation. Of these, synthesizers number the most, providing the user with 25 types of synthesizers; and sound shaping effects come in second, giving users 22 various effects. Other sound tools included in the library are Sound Generators (3), Grooveboxes (9), Sample Player (2), Sample Transformer (6), and Sequencer (8).

Synthesizers include Carbon 2, Equinoxe Deluxe and Subharmonic; Grooveboxes feature Aerobic, Massive and Newscool drum effects; Sampler Player features a drum sample player and a beatslicers; and Effects include Flatbaster 2, Spacemaster 2 and Lurker.

The program also features a recorder where the user is allowed to record and export loops; a mapping editor, which can be utilized to create customized map samples; plus the option to customize the appearance of the instruments (color and background layout), and customize/hide control elements.

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