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Collage or Collage Creator is a program that installs tools that allow the user to compile their photos in collages of various styles and designs. The user can add as many photos as they want into one collage, allowing for freehand placement of photos anywhere on the collage frame. This means that the user can decide how photos overlap, as well as decide on the size of each photo.

Collage enhancement tools include crop shapes, which allow the user to crop images in a variety of shapes like hearts and circles; text styles in different fonts, colors and sizes; photo effects, and templates.

There are also two other applications integrated into the software: DoodleMaker and Letterboard. The first app, DoodleMaker, allows the user to create their own doodles and then incorporate these onto the collage being created. DoodleMaker includes a set of painting tools that give the user freehand in coming up with their own doodle styles. The second app, Letterboard, basically allows the user to add letter cutouts to their collage. These make the texts look like they were cut out from a magazine.

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