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"FREE Greeting Cards Creator - The PCman Website"

Greeting Cards Creator lets you create your own customized greeting cards. You can choose from the selection of pictures, colors, fonts and backgrounds. It is a free application online. You can send the greeting cards you have created. The site features new holiday themes three weeks before the holiday.

The features you can use to make your virtual e-cards include choices for different occasions, personalized notification through E-mail for your recipient, background image for the page, colors for your e-card, game or picture selections for you to choose from, 10 typeface choices available, color of title heading, color of body text, border color, creating your custom title, custom copy for your body, choosing your preferred layout style and matching of colored scroll bars.

Among the occasions included are birthdays, anniversaries, 4th of July, Christmas, Easter, Father’s Day, Graduation Day, Halloween,, Mother’s Day, Memorial Day, Thanksgiving, St. Patrick’s Day, Valentines’ Day and Weddings. You can also preview your work before you send it so you can make changes before you finalize your sending.

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