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Omnis Studio lets the user build solutions for all types of industries and marketing sectors. It also allows him to save money by developing their applications in less time, and with fewer resources. Now with Omnis Studio, the user can deploy all of his applications to virtually any device, and on any desktop or mobile platform, all in one code base, with the JavaScript Client. Omnis Studio provides an integrated development environment for creating web, mobile, and enterprise apps. The SQL Browser also lets the user connect to all databases, including Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, and others via JDBC and ODBC.

The method editor and debugger also let the user write and edit codes quickly, and he can run the debugger on his live web and mobile apps. The Omnis VCS also lets the user manage his Omnis libraries, as well as other files throughout the whole lifecycle of his project and across geographical locations. System requirements include an Intel system, 2 GB of RAM, and 250 MB of free hard disk space. Operating system should be Windows 7, Windows 2008, or above.

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