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EasyZip functions as an open-source compression and decompression platform that was developed by Ivan Petrovic. The recent version of this application is also equipped with full source that can be accessed in the area called Source Code.

EasyZip is utilize to execute automate the content of the XNA Game Studio and automatically compressing the content into a Zip file. The software is also capable of reading the content back even without unzipping the file. With the use of the software, zipped items are automatically updates. Users can also use the platform for console commands management. To do so, users are required to run a specific project through an update. Users can then start performing any programming task using the resource library that comes with the software.

EasyZip is also equipped with feature called ZipContentManager. This feature enables the system to read and process any Zip file created using any Windows-based system. This also allows users to Zip XNB files manually so as to read and manage the data thoroughly. Compressing the files also enables users to download and make use of files using content size.

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