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"Adobe Flash Player Install for all versions"

The Adobe Flash Player is an ActiveX-based software that enables the user to view and enjoy multimedia applications on computers or mobile devices. It is a plugin available for most browsers. The Adobe Flash Player is capable of decoding SWF files, or Flash, which contains multimedia content, such as images, video, or music, or even a combination of all three in a relatively small file format that can also be embedded in websites.

First made by Macromedia, the Flash Player technology was acquired by Adobe after the latter bought Macromedia several years ago, and has now solely developed and distributed this technology.  Flash Player 11 comes in three different editions or flavors: ActiveX, plugin, or projector. ActiveX is primarily intended for Internet Explorer and other native Windows applications that use ActiveX. Plugin, meanwhile, is for other Netscape-based browsers (such as Mozilla Firefox), while a projector is a stand-alone tool able to view SWF files directly.

Most mobile devices, especially phones, also feature Flash Player functionality, except for Apple phones and other mobile devices developed by the company. Adobe has provided separate releases for desktops and mobile devices.

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