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"CeRegEditor - free registry editor for PDA PocketPC WindowsCE WindowsMobile(WM)"

The CeRegEditor is a small, lightweight app used to edit the registry for a PocketPC or personal digital assistant (PDA) based on the Windows CE, PocketPC2003 and Windows Mobile (WM5 and WM6) platforms. With the advent however of much more powerful mobile device options such as smartphones and tablets, and the rapid phasing out of the PocketPC and PDAs, CeRegEditor has been largely becoming unpopular. CeRegEditor is installed and is run on a personal computer, although the changes it effects are operated on a connected PocketPC device, thus preventing a user, especially an amateur, to tweak the settings of the small device and risk breaking its operating system.

The CeRegEditor’s main features include, alongside its chief purpose of creating and editing registry keys and values, as well as the navigation tools that benefit from its fast search capabilities. Users can also export and import registry keys, and tag favorite registry keys which are useful for keys that are often modified. It has a backup and restore option for registry values (in order to roll back a previous change, for example). Other features include the ability to create and edit XML files, support for HV files, and a so-called offline mode that allows users to edit the registry of a device without it being currently connected.

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