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"INITECH - 안전하고 편리한 U세상을 만드는 행복한 기업"

INISafeWeb refers to a suite of software programs from INITech that provides the user with encryption utilities for secure file transfers over the Internet, a local network or FTP; safer Web app development environment; and for safer Web browsing. There are three types of INISafeWeb products: INISafeWeb for C/Java/PHP/ASP, INISafeWeb for File Upload/Download, and INISafeWeb Client for Firefox.

The first program, INISafeWeb for C/Java/PHP/ASP provides the user with encryption utilities that enable them to encrypt data based on the specific programming language that they are utilizing for development of Web-compatible applications.

The second program, which installs through the software INISafeWeb for File Upload/Download encrypts data being uploaded on the Web or sent via the Internet or other network connection. It also encrypts data being downloaded by the client.

The third program on the other hand, allows Linux and Mac users to safely surf online via the Firefox Web browser. INISafeWeb for Firefox installs in much the same way as it does on Windows systems, and functions in a similar fashion.

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