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"Adobe Story | Scriptwriting software"

Adobe Story is a scriptwriter to help you create outlines and scripts for your stories that will be used as basis for producing videos or movies. It provides automatic formatting and online collaboration for your scriptwriting tasks. You can organize your reports for production, schedule and plan your video projects, and manage your metadata in post-production. Adobe Story is available in its free version as Adobe Story Free and the for-sale version with more features as Adobe Story Plus.

Adobe Story Free is an online service that lets you import and export scripts. It provides you with auto-completion tools, AV and film scripts, customizable script templates, multicolumn scripts, dialogue numbering, history of changes, act breaks, comparison of side-by-side scripts, outline view of easy script navigation, properties panel, shared script editing, multi-location scenes, iPhone access to scripts, Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 integration capability, Adobe Encore CS6 integration capability, online access to scripts, E-mail notifications, shooting scripts, scheduling, production scheduling reports, predefined lists and character sets, production script revisions and tagger.

Adobe Story Plus can perform all the functions offered in the free version plus features such as offline editing, management of your project and category, breakdown reports, import of images to AV/multicolumn scripts, project sharing, role assignments and change tracking. This version is available as either part of the Adobe Creative Cloud package or as a separate software subscription.

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