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"Solid Edge: Siemens PLM Software"

Solid Edge is a software program utilized to create 2D and 3D designs using the CAD platform. The program utilizes the Parasolid geometric modeling kernel enabling the user to create solid modeling objects.

The software also enables the user to perform assembly modeling where each component of an object can be worked on separately by each member of a team of engineers, while also being able to access new assembly parts as they are being added.

Additionally, Solid Edge also allows the user to drafts plans to make a visual of an object’s construction process and functions. A feature known as Synchronous Technology, which is integrated into the software, provides applications that allow for the combination of direct modeling and dimension-driven design which automatically applies similar parametric relationships straight into the solid features of an object.

The software runs on Windows computers and is offered with a proprietary license. There is a free trial that is available on the manufacturer’s website. Solid Edge free trial is good for up to 45 days only.

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