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DYMOFile is a file management program from DYMO that allows users to convert their physical files into virtual documents for easy transfer and backup. The traditional method of achieving this would be to scan documents page by page, then compile the resulting images piecemeal into the complete file. DYMOFile quickens the process by automating the scanning, compiling, and filing virtual processes.

The software does this by allowing users to code hardcopy documents. First, it lets users select save destinations for all the documents that are to be scanned. Multiple documents can be sent to different folders. Users can preset the names for the virtual copies of the documents at this stage as well. Furthermore, they are made to select the format in which each document shall be saved—the choices include XLS, PDF and DOC.

Once all the selections are made and every document has a “plan” for its name, destination and format, the program prints out a set of bar codes. Each bar code is unique to each document. The bar code is attached/glued to the first page of every document so that the software can recognize it and knows when a new document has started as well as when the previous one is done. Thus, users can simply stack pages of documents on their scanner feeders and leave the program to do the virtual scanning and filing for them.

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