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"Download Youtube Video Software - E.M. Youtube Video Download Tool-YouTube Video Download"

The software program E.M. Free Youtube Download Tool, developed by Effectmatrix Ltd. Company, provides the user with a tool for downloading not only YouTube videos but other videos/movies as well, from the Internet.

This is a program that was developed for Windows machines. It is fully compatible with Windows XP SP2 or higher, Windows Vista and Windows 7. Apart from functioning as a video downloader, the program has several other key functions. Firstly, it is also burning utility. It enables the user to burn their downloaded videos to popular optical disc formats: DVD, VCD or SVCD. It can also burn audio files.

Secondly, the software functions as a media file converter. It allows the user to convert their video files to FLV format, and vice-versa. It can also convert music files to other audio formats that are supported by the program such as MP2, MP3, WAV, WMA, ACR3, AMR, MP4, AAC and FLAC.

Users are able to download several files at a time. They can also utilize the program to search for other videos that they can download even while it is currently downloading files from the Internet.

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