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"ACD/3D Viewer :: Draw 2D Structures and Quickly Obtain Their 3D Representations :: ACD/Labs"

ACD/3D Viewer FREEWARE is a program that generally ships with ACD/ChemSketch, which is software that enables the user to draw molecular structures. ACD/3D Viewer allows the user to view 2D structures created through ACD/ChemSketch, in 3D mode. The application has the capability to convert a 2D structure into a 3D model to provide the user with an in-depth view of all the parts of the structural model. Users can manipulate the structural parameters, through calculation/measurement tools integrated into the application.

The application is able to make calculations for bond angles, as well as distances between atoms. Users are also able to save the files in 3D mode, specifically as 3D OLE (Object Linking and Embedding) server file; as well as in Bitmap, and molfile (chemical table file format created by MDL Information Systems). Users are also enabled to rotate or move the molecules, whether to change display styles or to move them without affecting display styles. Moreover, users can alter atomic radius and color, including background color.

ACD/3D Viewer FREEWARE is compatible with Windows computers.

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