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ACD/C+H NMR VIEWER may refer to the program ACD/NMR Processor, which is software that enables the user to process 1D and 2D Nuclear magnetic Resonance (NMR) data. The software provides the user with tools that are essential for manipulating different types of spectra, such as phase correction tools (automatic and manual correction), structure and correlations attachments to the spectra, and spectral synchronization. The program also allows the clients to create macros for automating frequently-executed tasks or functions.

Users are enabled to attach one-dimensional spectrum to two-dimensional spectrum, attach molecular structures to the spectrum, and view spectra in 3D mode.

The viewer on the other hand, allows users to view and analyze NMR data. It provides support for the following NMR formats: .esp, .txt, .fid, .nmr, .2d, .prn, .csv, .asc, .dx, .jdx, .als, .nmfid, .nmdata, .nmd, .tnt, .spc, .fdf, and fid0001.fdf.

The user is provided two options with regards to viewing multiple spectral data: Tile mode and Replace mode.

ACD/C+H NMR VIEWER is compatible with Windows machines. It is distributed as freeware for educational and non-commercial use.

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