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"Graph | Plotting of mathematical functions"

The software Graph created by Ivan Johansen installs a program that enables the user to create mathematical graphs; from standard functions to tangents, polar functions to point series, parametric functions and shadings, all within a coordinate system.

When the program is initiated, the main window of the user interface will display. This window is divided into several parts. The right side is where the user can open the coordinate within which the created graph will be added, while the left side shows the function list, tangents, point series or others. The user can add functions through the Function tab on the menu bar. Under the Function tab, click Insert function. This option may also be opened by pressing the “Ins” key on the keyboard.

On the menu bar, a Calc tab is also included. This option allows the user to calculate distance between 2 points, evaluate function of a value, and also create an animation to view the effect of a change in constants. When a plug-in is installed, a Plugins tab will also be shown on the menu bar.

Graph is freeware that is distributed under the GNU General Public License.

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