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The Music Manager is a desktop multimedia manager created for the Google browser that allows a user to upload a personal audio collection such as music libraries from a cloud-based technology. In turn, these cloud-stored content can be downloaded these from the cloud host to the user's computer. These files can be instantly played using Google Play.

By using Music Manager as the import-export program, music enthusiasts can have instant and portable access to their multimedia collections as long as there is an Internet connection. And there is no need to access and open a third party media player since Music Manager automatically works with Google Play.

The upload service of the Music Manager includes compatibility with Windows Media Player, My Music folder in the Windows PC, purchased songs from Google Play, and songs stored in the iTunes library. Users can have the option to upload their audio clips and songs automatically or just select only their favorite songs and upload them manually. To manage file sizes, the user can adjust the upload bandwidth according to preference. The Music Manager works with Windows OS, Mac OS and Linux. Both installation and uninstall process are easy with the help of a user-friendly Interface and a basic user guide.

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