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MyAttorney is a software primarily used for obtaining professional legal guidance and is developed and released by the company Avanquest. It is also dubbed as attorney software that addresses users’ inquiries and concerns using its functionalities.

MyAttorney comes with over a thousand of legal forms as well as contract drafts that cover legal needs pertaining to family, consumer, and business protections. Users may also use the software as a reference when looking into subject matters related to copyrights, articles of incorporations, wills, health care, estate planning, trademarks, and others. Instructions are presented in easy-to-follow outlines and documents are also well-categorized for easy referencing and search. For more crucial subjects, users may also access the live legal adviser as long as the users come from the 50 different states. For first-time users, they may also be guided by a wizard that automatically appears after the initial installation of the software.

As there are many legal and technical terminologies involved, users of MyAttorney may also use The Plain Language Law Dictionary as a reference as it includes over 7,000 legalese terms that are explained and illustrated in plain language. The software can be utilized with Windows XP, Vista, 7,and 8.

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