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Deal or No Deal is a game show where the player guesses which of the 26 briefcases contains the 1 million-dollar jackpot. The other briefcases may contain anywhere from $1 to $750,000. The player has to avoid opening briefcases that contain the highest money values, and instead, focus on guessing which briefcases have the least amount of money.

As each briefcase is opened, the banker will offer a prize, which the user can take or refuse. If the player takes the money being offered by the banker, the game ends. However, if the player refuses the deal, “No Deal,” the game continuous, and another briefcase will have to be picked.

The computer game version is played in a similar way. The player has to single out one briefcase, which they believe contain the $1,000,000 jackpot. This briefcase will be the last to be opened. Each briefcase is numbered from 1 to 26. The player picks a briefcase by pointing the mouse over it, and clicking on the briefcase.

With the computer game version however, the player receives a token when the banker’s offer is increased. Once the player has accumulated enough tokens, six other games will be unlocked.

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