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"ArcGIS Platform"

ArcGIS is a spatial analysis and geoprocessing program developed by Esri. The software features several key components, with each one having its own selection of tools for executing its functions.

For spatial analysis, tools provided allow the user to gauge density of a specific area, and perform statistical and proximity analyses; while for mapping and visualization, tools provided include a collection of symbols, map templates and other mapping elements.

The software also includes a data management tool that enables the user to store geographic data gathered in an organized and unified database. Other key components of the program include advanced editing, for workflow editing using coordinate geometry tools; geocoding, where spatial address can be displayed; map projections using geographic coordinates methods; and advanced imagery, which allow the user to utilize raster images as a base map for analyzing other layers of the area.

Users of ArcGIS for Desktop are able to access ArcGIS Online for data sharing with other users. The user interface is fully customizable, where the user can add or remove buttons or other items on the menu.

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