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Initially developed and designed by Valve and distributed by Electronic Arts and Steam, the Counter-Strike – Source or CS:S is a spinoff of the first –person shooter and target-oriented video game dubbed as Counter-Strike. This enhanced version makes use of a digital engine called Source.

As with the original game, CS:S features a battle between two teams - one team of terrorists against a team of counter-terrorists. The winning team is determined by the success of a given mission such as the rescue of a hostage, the detonation of a bomb, or the complete elimination of the opposing team.
Counter-Strike – Source was first released to the public as a beta version of a program launched by Valve called Cyber Café back in 2004. An experimental or updated version of the game was also released by the same company using Pricings of Dynamic Weapons. Playing this video game using Mac OS X was made possible in the early parts of 2011.

A more recent version called Counter-Strike: Global Offensive was also launched in 2011. Counter-Strike – Source can be played using different operating systems including Mac OSX, GNU/Linux, and Microsoft Windows 2000, 2003, XP, Vista, 7, and Windows server 2008.

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