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From a single project file and a build environment, InstallAnywhere lets developers create reliable installations for the widest range of current platforms. These include Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, and the IBM series. InstallAnywhere is a multiplatform development solution for software producers. It is for people who need to bring a professional and consistent cross platform installation experience for desktop and server applications. It is a Java-based software tool for creating software packages. InstallAnywhere is owned and supported by AcressoSoftware, and comes in both standard and enterprise versions. Since 2012, an additional Cloud Pack has been added for creating virtual appliances.

Its features include an expanded platform support, for Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 R2, Mac OS X 10.6, and the SUSE Linux 11.3. It has enhanced merge module features. It also provides a single uninstaller that will work with the main project. InstallAnywhere works any other merge module, reducing potential errors. It has a unified progress bar, an extended external resource bundle support, and enhanced installation logging.

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