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PCmover is a program from Laplink Software that functions as a file transfer tool, where the user can move files, folders, programs and applications from one computer to another. The software enables the user to migrate from an old computer to a new one, bringing with them all the files and programs that they want to have immediate access to the moment they start using their new computer.

The program performs the file transfer through a network or a Laplink cable (USB cable or Ethernet cable). The files and programs to be transferred are only those that currently logged-on user has access to. In some instances, the user has to logged-in as Administrator before the transfer can proceed.

Additionally, the Operating System installed on the new PC should be the same or a higher version of the OS in order for the transfer to take place. File and program transfers are also applicable only to those that are not currently installed on the new PC. For instance, the user may not transfer MS Office applications to the new PC if MS Office is already installed on the new computer.

The software is for purchase only. No trial versions are being offered by the developer at the moment.

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