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"Apache OpenOffice - Official Site - The Free and Open Productivity Suite"

The Open Office Writer will assist users in creating a quick memo, diagram, or book with contents and indexes—by applying their own concepts. Users are also free to produce their own templates, or download templates from Templates repository. They can create their own styles and formatting. This software contains an AutoCorrect dictionary that can capture typing errors and correct wrong spellings as they type. The AutoComplete, on the other hand, can suggest familiar words and phrases to complete what users are typing.

This software also includes such tools as the Text frames and linking tool, Table of Contents & References, Multi-Page display tools and Notes. These tools can give users the power to deal with desktop publishing tasks for flyers and newsletters presented exactly the way users want them to be. It can generate a table of contents or indexing terms, tables, bibliographical references, illustrations and other objects. Writers and other users can present multiple pages while editing complex documents. It works well with large and multiple monitors. The Notes tool allows users to display notes and place remarks on the side of the document for easy reading. The notes can be written in different colors together with the editing time and date.

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