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Centra Client or Saba Centra Client is software that allows users to connect to the Saba server, to attend an event i.e. online conference, meeting or webinar, organized through the various online conferencing solutions provided by Saba Software, Inc. In other words, the software functions as a client-server application and it can likewise be utilized to conduct or lead an online meeting.

With Saba Centra Client, users are also able to view/watch a previously-recorded meeting. The application generally gets installed on the user’s computer in two ways: by downloading the installer from Centra Server under found in the Downloads page or by automatic installation when the user has been invited to attend a Centra Event.

With automatic installation, the user will generally be prompted by a Download dialog box if the server does not detect Centra Client installed on the system. The Automatic Download presents the user with a Proceed option which, once clicked, will immediately start the installation process. The application will automatically update when a patch or an update is available from the server.

When the application has been installed, the user may utilize any of the conferencing utilities that are currently being used, i.e. audio, video, Yes or No responder via a check or an “x” mark, share applications, and text chat.

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