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"ActivInspire - Teaching software for the interactive whiteboard - Promethean"

Activstudio 3 is a software program designed for teachers that utilize a multimedia whiteboard for their lessons and presentations. The software was the result of the collaborative efforts of Nigel Pearce and the company, Promethean.

Educators and presenters are provided with a digital flipchart where they can write down their lessons, create visual presentations of the entire lesson or elements of the lesson, and also annotate in real-time, as they present their lessons to students.

The Flipchart Builder application provides templates that the user can readily utilize to create lessons. With the Flipchart Builder, the user is given the Design Mode for creation of the lesson flipcharts; and Presentation Mode for the actual presentation of the lessons.

Interactive Flash resources are likewise provided, as well as various tools for inputting texts and integrating images into the lessons. Activstudio 3 is a predecessor of ActivInspire, software that is integrated with some of the main features of ActivStudio. Activstudio is compatible with Windows and Mac computers, while ActivInspire is compatible with both plus Linux.

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