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The PhotoFiltre utility is a simple and quick to use photo imaging application. It is small in file size, easy to install and very easy to use, making it ideal for beginners and other users working with simple graphic design. It is created by Antonio Da Cruz Studio, and works with Windows operating system. It has a file size of 4.0MB and is available for free download.

The fast installation, user-friendly interface and basic edit photo utilities make it an ideal alternative to Photoshop program, and best for quick and simple graphics design projects that do not require intensive editing or complex layered workflow.

The features of the PhotoFiltre include an overhead bar containing the basic image modification and editing tools, a right side window screen that contains the basic yet most essential shapes and drawing tools, an optimizer color palette that can be customized, and a photo filter. There is also the saturation buttons and the quick contrast functions which lets the user to check the photo editing effects applied and further enhance it with more tools or start a new editing.

Unlike popular photo editing utilities, the PhotoFiltre can load and read heavy sized image formats easily, and process the editing commands quickly.

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