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Microsoft eSettings.QuickLauncher or simply called as QuickLauncher is a utility tool for launching various programs and applications on a Windows computer. These include documents, programs, websites, and others. It is a launching tool that enables you to access different applications, files and folders. You only have to drag and drop any file, folder or program on top of the window (main) of this tool and type the keyword if needed. In fact, you can use Google searches through this launcher. It lets you search through the search engine box of Google.

eSettings.QuickLauncher is free to download and easy to use. You can also customize this launching tool by changing the color, adding, deleting and recording. There is also the option to add or hide links to pages or subsites.

The main features of Microsoft QuickLauncher are the following: ability to drag files, folders, URLS on the application with keyword to launch them, add or delete keywords via the preferences pane, use a hot key to show or hide interface and add parameters to commands. System requirements are any Windows operating system with NET 3.5 or higher.

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