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"ATM Light"

Adobe Type Manager, often referred to as ATM, is a font management software program that enables computers to display Type 1 fonts from Adobe Systems, smoothly and with ease. The program was originally intended for Mac computers, where Type 1 fonts were displayed up to a certain specification only; making them appear uneven or jagged. With the software, the fonts were displayed without problem, adjusting to the Operating System’s screen specifications for smoother scaling.

Soon after, Adobe Systems developed another version of the Adobe Type Manager software called ATM Deluxe, to provide more functions for the user. When ATM Deluxe was introduced, the first version which was simply called ATM or Adobe Type Manager, was renamed ATM Light.

ATM Deluxe enabled users to activate or deactivate fonts upon their discretion. The software also enabled users to detect duplicated fonts, thereby allowing them to deactivate the ones that are already stored on the PC. ATM Deluxe however, was discontinued by Adobe Systems. The software ceased to be offered completely by the year 2005.

ATM Light is still available and can be downloaded for free from the official website of Adobe Systems.

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