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"Nintendo 64 Emulator - Play N64 games on your Windows PC"

Project 64 is a software emulator for Nintendo 64 games, enabling games from this console to be played on a Windows computer. It uses a plugin-based architecture system so developers can create their own plugins for the emulator, which would create a software-based emulation environment. It is up to the user to mix and match the plugins as they see fit, depending on the configuration of their hardware and their computer. Project 64 was first released in 2001 and has enjoyed several updates since then, including a lot of plugins that were developed in the years after its release and a huge, active community (some of whom went on to create new tools for the emulator itself).

The emulator itself runs pretty well on computers with Intel and AMD chipsets, and also supports the emulation of Gameshark cheat codes. A new feature was introduced in 2005, the Rice Video plugin, which enabled the Project 64 emulator to render graphics at a much higher resolution than was intended for the console to run. This new plugin became a staple for the emulator, and has renewed the interest for the Nintendo 64 emulation scene; Project 64 official staff later said that this plugin will be bundled with new releases of Project 64 from here on, and will also feature additional tools and capabilities, such as increased resolution and aspect ratio.

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