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"Online Poker - Full Tilt - Crafted by players for players"

Full Tilt Poker.Eu, developed by Rational FT Enterprise, is an online poker designed by world’s professional pokers. It offers a first deposit of up to $600 and new depositors automatically gains 10 $5000 free rolls.

This authentic online poker features exclusive tournaments and promotions for players worldwide. The software is created by poker players to be free. Users can install the game software free but need to create an account to be able to play. Soon as the software is installed, a login box appears. To create an account, click on Create and input email address. Also, users will be prompted to create a Player ID which cannot be edited once it is created. Finally, the image selected in the avatar section will represent the player on the poker table.

Full Tilt Poker offers promos which include a “Happy Hour” where players can accumulate double or even triple FPPs, VIP programs, “In The Money” SnGs, freerolls galore, leaderboards, and 1up tournaments.

As a player at a Full Tilt Poker, users are offered a benefit of joining exclusive tournaments while accessing weekly Edge Rewards cash payments as a part of the player rewards program.

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