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"Sony Creative Software - Media Manager PRO for WALKMAN"

Media Manager for WALKMAN is a utility that lets users manage and transfer media to their Sony Walkman through their computers. Compatible with only Windows systems, the application is capable of ripping audio CD tracks and can also import a number of media formats (for image and video media as well as audio) from the user’s PC. For audio importing, MP3, FLAC, OGG, WMA, and AAC-LC are all supported. For images, the supported formats are BMP, JPG, GIF, TIFF and PNG. Finally, for videos, WMV (without DRM), QT, AVC, Baseline, MPEG4SP and Main Profile formats are supported.

The program has drag-and-drop support and can be used for previewing media to be transferred onto the Walkman. It also has a Pro version that builds on the standard feature set by adding more supported formats and a conversion feature. With the Pro version, users can automatically convert their files prior to transferring them to their devices, to ensure playback compatibility. They can also subscribe to video blogs’ RSS feeds. The Media Manager for WALKMAN application is compatible with Windows XP and Vista, although only for 32-bit versions.

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