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"CometBird - a powerful and fast web browser"

The CometBird is a browser based on the Mozilla engine which is similar to Firefox. The browser’s Online Media Downloader enables the user to save Audio, Flash and Video files straight from the Web pages that display it, which includes YouTube. The CometBird is a fast and powerful web browser. It is considered to be an outstanding web browser and it is secure, speedy and absolutely free; it has specially designed features that will change the user’s experience of the Web as well as the way he or she uses the Web.

It has an upgraded version that is even more effective in both performance and privacy protection. The CometBird is a running program. It is a 32-bit program that runs with the privileges as the currently logged in user account. The CometBird is run by the process explorer.exe. A Shell Open Command enables for an association of a program and a file extension. This association enables the application to be executed when the icon or a context menu item is clicked upon in the Windows Explorer window.

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