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"Takeoff Software for Construction Estimating | PlanSwift"

PlanSwift Professional is program that lets construction professionals’ work on their estimation takeoffs easily. The software has ready-to-use templates in which you can input data such as labor cost, perimeters, materials, and other construction-related materials. Users can also customize their own formulas depending on their own preference or standards set by their company. Calculations can also be done in Metric System.

The software enables professionals to begin the estimate even without any complete plan yet. Once plans are finished, then modifications can be done. The software also automatically updates any changed information and be applied to all integrated reports.

PlanSwift Professional supports several types of files. Among these are PDF, CAD, Excel, and Plan file. It also supports a number of cost codes. Aside from calculating the labor costs and preparing the Bill of Materials, the software is also used to calculate the taxes incurred in the project. The costs included can also be adjusted whenever deemed necessary using its mark-up integration tool.
The files generated using this software can also be linked to databases used by the company as well as to other third-party programs for easy integration and modification.

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