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"AudioLabel Cover Maker - Software for CD, DVD, LightScribe"

The AudioLabel CD/DVD/Bluray Label Maker is an application that allows users to design and print professional labels for CD, DVD, Blu-ray, and LightScribe discs and cases. It also provides options to save label as a high resolution image to share with friends, import into other programs, or give to commercial printers for high volume production. The program runs on any Windows platform.

AudioLabel CD/DVD/Bluray Label Maker offers a simple drag and drop interface which enables users to add images, photos, and backgrounds through the thumbnail viewer. It features a smart text editor that can quickly layout, format and arrange text. Moreover, it has an autofit feature that arrange label text by adjusting the font size so it fits on the label. It can also import CD album information automatically through the Read CD feature which finds album information (artist, title, and track list) by searching the Freedb internet database, or by reading CD-TEXT from the disc. Subsequently, it can and instantly fill out the label with the information. The Read CD feature can also read and label MP3 CDs using the ID3 tag and filename. In addition, the program includes support for all major brands of label paper and the template dimensions can be adjusted to fit any non-standard paper.

AudioLabel CD/DVD/Bluray Label Maker works with any direct disc printer including Epson, Canon, and Hewlett Packard (HP). These printers can print directly on the surface of the disc without using label paper or sticker labels.

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