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Artweaver falls under the category of drawing and painting software. Published by Boris Eyrich Software, Artweaver is a free program that users can utilize for creative art. Through the software, users are provided with a range of art tools that enable them to create digital drawings and paintings.

A variety of paint brushes is provided that simulates actual paint brush effects. Brushes come in various types and sizes, providing different effects for each one. The main window serves as the canvass. Users can erase, edit and manipulate their artworks through editing tools also provided with the software.

A support service called Artweaver Team; also published by Boris Eyrich, enable Artweaver users to work on a project as a team, through the Internet. Users can register for free at the Artweaver Team website, invite friends to connect to the team, and then start working on the project through collaborative work. The users can create and edit in real-time.

Artweaver Free and Artweaver Plus are the current versions of the software. The Artweaver Plus software features more applications. It can be tried for 14 days free of charge.

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