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"DC Universe Online"

Proudly presented and developed by Sony Online Entertainment, DC Universe Online Live is a gaming application for desktop computers, laptops and PlayStation 3 computer entertainment system. It features physics-based powers and combat skills of super heroes. It can enable you to create a personal character on each player you opt in fighting evil and maintaining the good. This game is an application that involves a real time online multi-player mode of action.

Features of this game include the option to select superhero or villain character with the aim to save the universe or conquer it. Players can choose their favorite childhood DC heroes like Superman, Batman, Spiderman and Wonder Woman or villains such as The Joker, The Penguin and Lex Luthor. The option to select a character to play for this game is one thing that can provide excitement to players. As expected, plots of finishing a game are based on the original story in DC comics. The locations are also inspired by the original DC comic stories which include the streets in Gotham City, the skyscraper city of Metropolis, Arkham Asylum and Watchtower of the Justice League of America.

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