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Amazing Adventures The Lost Tomb is a game published by PopCap Games. This Hidden Objects game requires the player to take on the role of an adventure seeker, whose special talent is to recover lost treasures. He is commissioned by the Museum to find Egypt’s long-lost treasures.

The player has to go on twenty different missions to find over two thousand hidden objects and gather clues along the way. Each mission comes with several levels, which the player has to complete before being allowed to go on to the next mission. The game also includes historical information about Egypt, generally displayed when a clue has been found.

The player is provided with a list of items that need to be found within a specific location.

The game takes the player to some of Egypt’s most famous spots such as the Great Pyramids of Giza, the Nile River and the Sphinx. The player will also visit Egypt’s famous tombs. Apart from 20 missions, the player is also provided with nine mini-games.

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