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"AVS4YOU Top-ranked multimedia tools: video converter, video editor, audio converter, audio editor, image converter and more."

Online Media Technologies Ltd, a UK-based company, provides users with a DVD creation program in the software AVS DVD Authoring. It provides a creation wizard, which walks the user through the whole process of creating DVDs out of their collection of videos.

Various tools included in the software allow the user to include all elements that are usually found in a DVD. They can add chapters, backgrounds, menu buttons, and set an audio clip as background music.

Included are templates, which the user can customize by changing the positions of the thumbnails, buttons and texts. Users can likewise add their own photos or images, and apply these as thumbnails. Moreover, the program provides a tool that allows the user to create animated thumbnails.

The user can include an opening sequence into the project, and determine output quality of the video, i.e. high res or low res. It is integrated with a burning utility, to allow users to immediately create their DVD after completing a project.

AVS DVD Authoring is freeware, but users may upgrade this to a paid version by registering the product. The paid version includes more template options and editing tools.

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