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"Absolute | Persistent Endpoint Security & Data Risk Management for the Mobile World"

Absolute Reminder is a software developed by Absolute Software integrated as a part of Absolute Computrace Agent and Absolute Track products. This software is pre-installed or built-in for certain BIOS especially n OEM systems like Samsung, Acer, Lenovo, and Dell.

Activating the Absolute Computrace Agent which is embedded in the firmware, can be persistent on hard drive reformats, re-installations, and hard drive replacements in the operating systems. The survival of these processes allow users to better manage their computers. Also, in time of theft, users can track and recover their computer through optimization provided by the software.

Since Computrace Application Agent is installed on the operating system, it cannot be easily detected. It runs as a nondescript service, thus, it does not appear in the menu list as one of the icons.

Moreover, this software makes IT costs less due to the provided end point security and solutions for better management. Through a single console, IT specialists are provided with PC management devices. They can perform the usual maintenance routines in the remote administrator console at the same time taking responsive and strategic measures. The maintenance however, greatly depends on the requirements of the computers.

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