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"Adobe Flash Builder family"

Adobe Flash Builder is an Eclipse-based development software that is improved in providing Flash applications on desktop computers, mobile devices and the web. It is integrated with ActionScript and Flex framework open source tool. The latest version of this software is Adobe Flash Builder 4.6 It works for a variety of mobile applications which include Blackberry Tablet OS, Apple’s iOS and Android, all with the use of a common codebase.

Adobe Flash Builder comes with Flex framework that creates intuitive and more advanced applications with the support of key business activities for effective and progressive increase within a short period of time. It also has PHP tooling support in which users can optimize their PHP or Flex development with the use of Zend Studio 8 program but only for PHP premium edition. There are also applications that scan, test and debug when connecting to mobile devices or emulator. Speed coding of this tool is faster and improved through syntax coloring, code collapse, interactive step through debugging, refactoring support, statement completion, and live highlighting of invalid references. All features are designed for the improved building of Flash for convenient and more stable use.

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