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"Adobe Digital Editions"

Adobe Digital Editions is an application for managing and viewing digitally published content such as e-books and PDF files. Users can buy, download, and transfer such files using the software, which also packs Digital Rights Management features to secure readership of protected files. The program also has support for varied text and content layouts built into it, including vertically oriented layouts and even mixed layouts. Sideways-upright layouts are also supported due to support for CSS text properties. It can also be integrated with text-to-speech applications like NVDA, Window-Eyes and JAWS for the Windows system users. For MAC OS X, the Apple VoiceOver is typically the default text-to-speech program integrated with Adobe Digital Editions.

Users are given access to markup tools to their files as well. For instance, they can bookmark pages, add comments, and even highlight passages. A full-screen view is available, as is a library view of managing files. The user can even use the program to borrow e-books from virtual libraries on the Web. Furthermore, files that have no printing restrictions can be printed straight off the program. It also comes in a number of available languages.

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